Come and work with us!


University of Toronto students interested in working in the Martin Pain Lab should contact Dr. Martin by e-mail or in person. Psychology Honours program students, Independent Research Project students, Research Opportunity students, and volunteers are all welcome, but volunteers (at least to start) are preferred.  Also, preference is given to students who have taken (and done well in!) one of Dr. Martin's courses:  PYS 362 (Animal Cognition) or PSY 391 (Psychology of Pain). 


Persons interested in obtaining a Ph.D. in the lab (note: our preference is not to train terminal Masters students) are encouraged to contact Dr. Martin for instructions on where to apply.  Dr. Martin is a member of both the University of Toronto Graduate Program in Psychology and the Cell and Systems Biology Department.  Application deadlines for the former program are December 1 and the latter program in early February. 


Persons interested in postdoctoral fellowships in the Martin Pain Lab should contact Dr. Martin directly by e-mail. People with technical skills in electrophysiology and/or in vivo imaging are particularly encouraged to apply.